It was only a few years ago that many people thought social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were just a fad…a way of passing time and wasn’t going to last. Fast forward to today and it would be safe to say that it has changed the marketing world, and in some respects, has made it easier for businesses to connect with their customers.

Latest figures show 50% of Australians log into Facebook or view YouTube videos daily. Meanwhile, 1 out of 6 people are on the other popular platforms of Instagram and Snap Chat. LinkedIn is not far behind with 4 million registered users regularly logging in each month. It’s no wonder many businesses recognise the value in at least being present on some form of social media.

But where does the link between social media and dating come in?

Everyone knows social media is not really like dating. Those nervous tummy butterflies don’t happen when you post on social media every day…it’s more about the respect and courtesy that is present on a first date. Both parties want to make a great first impression so they make sure they are on their best behaviour as they try and work out whether they will take the relationship further.

Here are a few simple dating pointers that work well on social media, because it’s really all about relationship building….

  1. Show Up – It’s very common for businesses to create a social media presence but only post once or twice every month or every few months. If business owners want to get to know their customers and vice versa, they need to show up. They need to show interest and engage if they want to build a relationship.
  1. Give, Give, Give – Some time ago social media leader, Gary Vaynerchuk said sales should always be about “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”. What he was saying was that businesses should make sales the last resort. Give information, offer value, help people. Build the relationship by giving and when it comes to asking for the sale, people are more open to buying from someone they have gotten to know.
  1. Be a Friend First – Social media is not supposed to be an advertising medium for businesses. It was created for people to connect. So, connect. Get to know the customer. Engage with them. Who are they? What are their dreams? Their Aspirations? How can they be helped?
  1. Let Your Customer Get to Know You? – Just like businesses need to get to know their customers so they offer the right services. Customers also need to know who they are supporting. Be personal to create interest and to stand out in the crowd. Show the customers how valuable they are and what they mean to the business.

It’s part of human nature that first impressions do count. People are today faced with many more choice than ever before. It doesn’t take much for them to move on to the next thing if something doesn’t meet their needs. However, give them a reason to stay and loyalty will grow and flourish.