When I decided to start this business, making a conscious decision to work from home.  I had dreams of all this extra time with Mr 5 years old and not commuting to the office and peace and quiet to get things done on the days Mr 5’s  in kindy and the ability to work in my pj’s when I felt like it. And while all of these things do happen to work from home can be a curse.  My partner is my biggest supporter, we have been together for over 15 years and boy have we been through some highs and lows in this time.  If anything those highs and lows have brought us, even more, closer and we have come out stronger than ever. Certainly my rock that’s for sure.

As a ‘WAHM mum,’ it has been a challenge to learn to leave the cleaning, or the washing and focus on work.   My plans of extra time haven’t come to fruition after spending some long hours trying to get the business off the ground (but there is still hope), and then there are the two furbabies. Both are rescue puppies; Abby is a Schnauzer cross and eight yrs old and a Houdini, while my other is Louie the crazy Border Collie cross almost 2yrs was abused by his previous owners now lives a life of luxury.  Both dogs sleep inside at night (both are toad lickers YUCK!) however are outside through the day unless there is a storm as Abby is scared of thunder and lightening like myself.

Julie is my only colleague, and for now, she is the only one I need. She may not be able to share any gossip over our morning coffee, but I wouldn’t trade a regular income and the office politics that comes with working in an office for the ‘human’ social interaction. My Partner, Mr 5-year-old, and the furbabies are all I need.

Until next time…